Fresh starts

It’s a strange year to be going back to college. God willing, this is the last time I’ll be experiencing every feast day, every Sunday of the year as a lay man. If it all goes to plan, I’m going to be made Deacon in 2018.

A few major things have happened since I last wrote, not least of which is meeting potential training incumbents and being lucky enough to be offered a title post. It’s suddenly become extremely real. I was so delighted to see many friends be made Deacon or ordained Priest this summer and it’s rather a large jump in my head to think that it’s going to be my turn next.

A friend recently asked how I managed to put all of this into perspective. I had to assure her that I really wasn’t doing so, but that prayer had become such an overwhelming part of who I was that I hadn’t felt alone for as long as I could remember.

What we do every day is walk with God, and to try to walk closer to him, planting our footsteps in his own. Scripture is full of occasions where Jesus prayed to the Father. What better example for us all?