Summer plans

This time last year I was looking forward to a summer of planning and reading, tying up loose ends and moving to a new place. This summer I’ll be moving around, but it’ll mainly be to ordinations, hopefully a holiday, and in the middle of all that, my placement.

I’m delighted to be going to an area of the country I don’t really know very well. One of the things I’ve been lucky to pick up over the years is that no two parishes are alike. But also, no two regions of the country have identical flavours when it comes to the faith.

But I’ve never seen the church in the area of the country I’ll be visiting. I’m intrigued to see how different is is from my home diocese, or what I’ve got used to whilst training. And I’m looking forward to some genuine community work

One of the great joys of this time of year, as I’m learning, is hearing about people you know who were going to conferences and who have got through. I’m pleased that the number this year is climbing still.

Please also pray for those who are going to be ordained over the next month and a bit.