Missing in action

One of the things which has recently struck me is how difficult it is to keep hold of friendships whilst you’re training. By that, I mean with people you were friends with before you started. This week I realised I’d not spoken to two or three good friends of mine since the start of term. A few hasty calls later and the error was rectified, but it felt like a sticking plaster.

I’d always thought that life in a training establishment would be somewhat of a fresh start. That’s a ridiculous way to think about it of course – it’s another step on a journey with God. But I do feel as though part of my old life got left behind in the autumn.  In the maelstrom and madness of the institution I’m studying at, it’s all too easy to feel a little lost.

It’s been extremely useful to have patient friends on the outside. But I’m blessed to have made some good friends here too. A deepened relationship with God is helping too. And that’s partly what it’s about.