Well, I’ve had a long think about where to go and study theology.

It’s actually a much bigger decision than some people realise. Even with the “standardisation” of some of the qualifications for ordinands these days, each theological college has a certain amount of leeway in how it teaches and also what it teaches.

This means that choosing where you go can be pretty critical in how you’re formed in a vocational sense.

I took advice and visited a number of different places, trying to figure out where I’d fit in. How was the day structured? What was the worship like? And most importantly, that intangible…how did I feel when I was there?

Well, I was quite lucky. It came down to three places but one of the two I really liked did make me an offer. I talked it through with my DDO, in light of my recommendations from the BAP report. And we agreed that what I needed to work on could be provided by the institution I wanted to attend.

So it’s full steam ahead. The Bishop has given his blessing and now we’re sorted. Happy days really. A summer of anticipation awaits.


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