Ordination season

It’s always a good time of year around now. Ordinations to the diaconate and priesthood are starting. People who you’ve known and talked to about your own journey are taking further, real, visible steps on theirs. It’s an emotional period and so good for the church.

I’m hoping to get to a couple this year; it’s been such a long time since I was at one. But I guess that’ll change soon enough!

Wonder how I’ll get used to calling the guys “Father So-and-so”…


Well, I’ve had a long think about where to go and study theology.

It’s actually a much bigger decision than some people realise. Even with the “standardisation” of some of the qualifications for ordinands these days, each theological college has a certain amount of leeway in how it teaches and also what it teaches.

This means that choosing where you go can be pretty critical in how you’re formed in a vocational sense.

I took advice and visited a number of different places, trying to figure out where I’d fit in. How was the day structured? What was the worship like? And most importantly, that intangible…how did I feel when I was there?

Well, I was quite lucky. It came down to three places but one of the two I really liked did make me an offer. I talked it through with my DDO, in light of my recommendations from the BAP report. And we agreed that what I needed to work on could be provided by the institution I wanted to attend.

So it’s full steam ahead. The Bishop has given his blessing and now we’re sorted. Happy days really. A summer of anticipation awaits.