Funny feelings

There’s a caveat to my vocation story: I didn’t receive a billboard from heaven or have God speak to me to tell me I should be a priest. That’s not how I came to be on this journey. For some it can be, although that tends to be an important first step rather than the whole picture.

Recently, I’ve spoken to a lot of people who are thinking about offering themselves for ordination. For some, like me, it can be an inkling, a feeling that grows over time. In my experience, that happens if you spend Sundays at places like this:

feastofstjohncantius200mo3During mass this morning, I must admit I got lost in what was going on with my own situation and wasn’t totally focused on what was happening in church (should I go to confession for that?).

I always get a tingling whenever I enter a church, and it’s heightened during the Mass. And today I wondered what that was. Is it God working in a way I can’t comprehend? Is this feeling the driver behind me pursuing this path?

I don’t doubt it’s part of it. But I think it’s a major facet. And more importantly, this has become something I feel I can’t ignore any longer. That more than anything is why I looked deeper into this feeling.


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