By way of introduction…

10 Things About Me

  1. I have written blogs previously. This is the first one I’m writing concerning anything to do with my faith, and my journey of discernment. Of all the posts I’m going to write for this particular blog, I think this is going to be the hardest.
  2. I live in a city in England and worship at a church which is by no means the nearest to my house.
  3. I’ve been a Christian since I was very young. My parents are both Christians and church was a regular feature of my childhood.
  4. The best film I watched last year was an epic filmed in Japan. It was made around the time I was born and has aged much better than me.
  5. I’m an ordinary bloke who likes sport and music and I have an ordinary job.
  6. I watch lots of American drama on TV.
  7. The last book I read which had nothing to do with theology was the diary of a professional cricketer’s season. It was fascinating.
  8. The best meal I ever had was in France when I was a youth.
  9. Some of my friends would be really surprised at the point I’m about to make. Most wouldn’t.
  10. My faith in God has anchored me, mostly subconsciously, since I was very young. For this reason, amongst others, I’m taking steps to see if God has another purpose for me. Is He calling me to holy orders? Am I genuinely meant to be a priest? I’m scared, elated, humbled and confused, all at the same time. Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’ll be feeling some of those emotions. My wish is that this blog might help those on their path.

3 thoughts on “By way of introduction…”

  1. This blog is great, thank you for writing. I have, over the past three years or so been contemplating a vocation. It kind of came out of the blue, as I don’t come from a Religious family, none of my friends are particularly religious, but I have had a growing feeling that God has a calling for me in the church.

    I am in my late twenties now, currently studying for an MA in Medieval studies at University, which I love, but shave that feeling I should be doing something else. I go to a cracking Anglo Catholic church in the city which I live, which has a very small congregation, and currently no priest, and I am coming to the point where I am thinking is it now or never, or do I wait a little longer and see how I feel in a couple of years, I am just not sure, I pray everyday on this matter. I just wanted to say that it is great to have people like you sharing their experiences and feelings on this. Thank you!


    1. Hi Daniel
      Thanks for your comments on the blog – I’m pleased you’ve enjoyed it so far.
      If you’re keen to speak to someone for real advice and guidance, check out and contact them. They are full of good advice, and there’s some good things on there to read.
      Above all, keep praying. God’s help is so important on the journey that you’re contemplating.
      With my very best wishes and prayers


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